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An eclectic collection of my images.
LRM_20230111_121110-EditLRM_20230111_121053-EditTamaque RR Yard-0841-EditTamaque RR Yard-0847-EditTamaque RR Yard-0853-EditTamaque RR Yard-0839-EditJust July 27-0803-EditJust July 11-0768UK Ireland-8456-Edit-EditSteamtown Railfest 2022-0702-EditSteamtown Railfest 2022-0692-EditDeer CompositeAssupition BVM CentraliaLilly Lake Trip-0356Lilly Lake Trip-0360Lilly Lake Trip-0347-EditCommunity Day 2021-0258Community Day 2021-0247Knoebels end of season trip-0274Knoebels end of season trip-