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Looking UP-0463-EditBenron Dam-0453-Edit-EditIcy-0445-EditRiver-Airport to Rupert-0425-EditRiver-Airport to Rupert-0413-EditRiver-Airport to Rupert-0426River-Airport to Rupert-0416-EditRiver-Airport to Rupert-0405-EditRiver-Airport to Rupert-0411-EditRiver-Airport to Rupert-0420-Edit-EditMainville field-Lilly Lake Trip-0371-EditLilly Lake Trip-0392Lilly Lake Trip-0375Lilly Lake Trip-0384NY waterfalls watkins glen chequaga falls-4064NY waterfalls watkins glen deckertown falls-4077NY waterfalls watkins glen Hector Falls-4050NY waterfalls watkins glen deckertown falls-4072NY waterfalls watkins glen Seneca Lake Harbor Hotel-0335